Learning Disability Assessment & Therapy

Learning disability is a lifelong condition that affects the way a person understands new or complex information, ability to learn new skills, how they communicate and their ability to cope independently.

The degree of Learning Disability can very considerably and can be classified as mild, moderate, severe and profound.

At CBT & Neuropsychology Centre we specialise in diagnosing learning disability and providing guidance on type and level of support required for a patient.

Some people with learning disability may also have mental health conditions, such as challenging behaviour, anxiety, depression etc. We provide adapted cognitive behavioural therapy to help treat these conditions and develop coping techniques.

In addition to above we provide psychological support and necessary training to family members and carers.

In order to book learning disability assessment at CBT & Neuropsychology Centre or to book an adapted therapy session please call us on 020 7206 2686.

If you are a professional and would like to refer your patient or client for learning disability assessment or adapted CBT therapy please call for further information.